Constructions and turnarounds

Hello people!

3 weeks into our course we were supposed to make a character out of our thumbnails, either combining a bunch of them or constructing one as it is, with maybe a couple of modifications.

We had 2 drawing assignments for that week. The first one;

Constructing your character from step 1 to 3 in a neutral pose:

Step one: The thumbnail you wanted to go with, if you aren’t combining a bunch of them. In my case I had one of the twenty thumbnails I made that I especially liked.
Step two: Halfway in the construction of your character. This sketch is supposed to be very ”unclean” with lots of construction lines.
Step three: Done character. After this point you cant add anything more to the character, accessories or whatever. The construction of the character should still be kind of rough, but with less lines. Imagine step two with more details, and a little bit more clean in its design.

Here is a picture of my three steps!







Step one: Thumbnail
Step two: Construction lines
Step three: details and final design


Assignment number two were;

A turnaround of your character in a standard pose:

This were supposed to show how the character looks from all three angles;
Front, back and from the side.

Here is a picture of my turnaround of my character:







Thas was all from week three!

Until next time, take care.




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