Keep your hand steady, it is time for Line Art.

Hello people!

Last week, 4 weeks into this course, we were supposed to clean up the character we made during week 3. This time there should be no more unfinished lines left, everything should be clean, and the lines straight and easy to see. No extra lines nor construction lines whatsoever. It was really difficult to keep it all so clean, and at first I tried to make the line perfect from the beginning. My teacher noticed and told me to loosen up, it is okay to draw more lines at the same place, just as long as you clean them up and there isn’t a bunch of lines in the same area going next to each other.

Even if we are doing Line Art, we are still drawing.

When all the lines were done, one of the VG criterias were to add a light source, so shadows could be added, but still with very clean lines.

Here is my final result of last weeks assignment! Also to compare, the picture to the left is my result after Line Art, and the picture to the right is the third step in ”Constructing your character” which you can read about in the post below.








Back to the left picture: As you can see I imagined a light source above the character, like a lamp in the ceiling, and with that I tried to add shadows I thought were fitting.

Deadline is at wednesday but I am kind of happy with the result, because I gave it my all.

Until next time people,

take care!

/ Adam



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